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Grant and loan available in Alveley and Romsley Parish for energy-efficiency projects

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Astley Solar Farm – Community Betterment Fund 2018

The Community Betterment Fund has been established to directly assist individual and community voluntary groups in Alveley and Romsley Parish Council area as a result of the development of Astley Solar Farm.

The grants are for the promotion and installation of energy efficiency measures. Projects need to demonstrate a clear link to energy efficiency and renewable technology, whilst delivering positive benefits to the local community, which could include the following:-

  • Small-scale renewable energy projects
  • Education projects
  • Capacity building projects
  • Renewables energy projects
  • Climate change projects
  • Nature conversation projects
  • Enhancing the public realm

Priority will be given to community projects, and then residential properties nearest to Astley Solar Farm.  There is a ceiling cap amount of £1,000 for private residential projects and £2,000 for community projects. Please note that this is discretionary: the awarding panel can award more or less, depending on individual projects.

Applicants are encouraged to seek match funding towards their project. It is expected that residential properties will contribute a higher level of match funding than a community project.

Please note that this is a one off grant scheme. Application forms are available now, and deadline for applications is Friday 15 June 2018. Please email tracy.johnson@shropshire.gov.uk to apply.